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What is
Mutant KKCREW?


Mutant Crew is a community of like-minded forward thinking individuals with the dopest art, games, products, partners, services, tools, features, benefits, and events! A brand controlled by the Community!
Mutant Crew NFT & KKCREW VAULT members will be given access to secret website areas, secret discord channels, voting, collectible market benefits, the Mutant Crew DAO fractional vault, gaming tournaments, media creation tools, and much more! 

With its genesis acquisition, a NFT, the DAO has elevated its mission - to collect art and collectibles that represent comic culture and important ideas, movements, and paradigms. We have set trends within collectible communities acquiring pieces, many of which have become well-known and valuable collectibles. on the road to becoming a collecting empire, the DAO is utilizing innovative web3 concepts in digital and community art ownership to allow its members to explore ideas such as fractionalizing iconic & "BLUE CHIP" pieces to be distributed to, and owned by, the community. outside ownership, the Kollective plans to apply creative innovations within Intellectual property, NFTs, collectibles, gaming, and DeFi to add and distribute value to our members.

This is a platform for collective groundbreaking progress utilizing the synergy between community ownership, gaming, DeFi, and digital art. Our modus operandi is to support important Web3 and Web2 innovators which create something fundamentally additive, awesome, valuable, and different with a recipe of technological and real-life creative, technical, and artistic wizardry.

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komik release

comic releases

We are working with our partners at stranger comics and within the mutant cartel (a dao within the mutant ape yacht club community) to bring our community the highest quality graphic novels. through the pages of Cartel chronicles as well as an in-house series with a *REDACTED* TITLE! More information will be released as we get closer to the release dates!

Our members will also have a chance to influence the creation of our series through story direction choice, ip character features, and spin-off's! 

metaverse locations

MetaVerse Locations

Mutant KKCrew has already established a presence in the metaverse and web3 Gaming space, with multiple holdings for use by the community, below are the various MetaVerse properties currently held:

* Ethereum Towers - (HQ/Clubhouse/Gallery) 

* Otherside (KODA LANDS) - bored apes game

* The Walking Dead Lands (Super Epic + Secret)

More holdings will be announced soon!

We also support game tourneys in many partner and free-to-play games, as well as some paid games based on the requests of the holder community. There are various income opportunities within our community. Either through sharing in profits through hosting events in our metaverse locations, participating in creating, or through playing in one of our community gaming worlds!

otherside metaverse plot

OG drop - Not FINAL ART

OG Drop



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Each NFT within the mutant kkcrew community has a different rarity level which unlocks special access to their own set of features. Which include (but are not limited to);

* enhanced voting rights/access
* $KKCR/MKDAO TOKEN bonuses (EArning/rewards)
* comic & game world lore featured placement
* increased chances for FREE capsules/airdrops
* priority access AND benefits in metaverse
* Priority access and benefits to IRL EVENTS
* free future mints
* allow lists for future mints of kollab partners
* books/games board voting access
* physical/digital reserved copies of comic releases
* exclusive partner deals
* HIDDEN future secret utility unlocks

only 11 GOD TIER OG NFT available for grabs. this will be the founding and controlling members of the MUTANT KKCREW kollab collective, these will also be the initial founding and the most heavily weighted members of the mutant kkcrew dao and community. These 11 members will be the 1st selected for the "Metamutation" upgrade.

bored ape serum
meta4ikal holding a briefcase



traits are the various visible and invisible building blocks that form the final NFT. These traits will have both benefits and penalties. They will impact comic character/story creation, future gaming applications, and utility. Hidden trait utilities will also be released to bring future value to holders. OUR Community and project will be dynamic and evolving with changes due to both holders and the project decisions. Based on story, game, and market mechanics/conditions.

Rewards Modifier
MNA Code
Power Level
Arena Cooldown
Items Equipped
Item Rarity
NFT Upgrades
Meta4ikal the creator of mutant kkcrew


creator text

My name is Meta4ickal. I am a Web3 pioneer. lover of comics, collectibles, Music, art, and fashion. Proud member of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Wiseguy to The Mutant Cartel. Member of SOME of your favorite NFT projects. Mentor and consultant in the comic, content creation, crypto, IT, and NFT space. Partnered with some of the best projects, artists, companies, people, and communities in the interwebs

When I'm not in the lab working on Mutant Crew greatness, you can find me on Discord, Twitter Spaces, or YouTube! I also love to game so can find me in-game as well, I will post a list of current games I play so you can join!

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Jon McTavish

LEAD Artist

Jon MCtavish
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John Born

Merch GOD

John Born
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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint date?

PHASE 1 - 11 OG 1 of 1's - JUNE 2022

PHASE 2 - 111 Strange Mutants 1 of 1's - oct 2022

PHASE 3 - (TOP SECRET) Mutant KKCREW Generative - DEC 2022

What's an NFT?

NFT stands for Non Fungible Tokens. NFTs are a type of cryptocurrency that is unique and cannot be replaced. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable, NFTs are each unique and represent a specific asset. NFTs can be used to represent anything from digital art, to in-game items, to access cards. This allows these assets to be digitally verified and authenticated.

Why Mutant Crew?

We will change the definition of value in the space. Mutant KKCREW works to take some of the risk out of the ownership of NFT's by allowing our members to leverage their favorite NFT ip into increasingly valuable forms of content. enabling Your favorite NFT characters to take on new life and meaning. We are building a living, breathing, innovative, and creative world of nft's, collectibles, comics, art, clothes, and culture. We are creating a new way of creating comic lore, world-building, gaming, socializing, creating online content, and trading collectibles. We are committed to build the most amazing comic, collectibles, art, and multimedia community based dao project the world has ever seen!

Our hybrid focus on real life benefits, defi, ownership, and apps is what seperates us from your average project. our unique experience in the IT, Advertising, and sales gives us a unique vetting system. Join a dope community and do dope things. Your Mutant KKCREW NFT gives you access to a creative, dynamic, visionary, and groundbreaking community. it opens up value opportunities, and advanced tools. The Mutant KKRCEW is a very exclusive community of comic, collectible, Web3 brands, Web2 brands, and NFT enthusiasts. We will provide a home for the builders, creators, and thought leaders of today and tomorrow.

If you love the community and principles around physical and digital collectibles and want to be on the cutting edge of extending the value of collectible brands across mediums, Mutant Crew is the place for you!

What exactly will I get?

MUTANT KKCREW FRACTIONILIZED Community - Allows you to participate in group ownership of Some of your favorite web3 projects and even physical collectibles (TBA) through fractionilization.

KKCrewDAO/$KKCR - our vision is a decentralized tokenized economy. We are inviting the community to collaborate: be a contributor, partner, stakeholder, voter. our primary focus is to use community resources to foster and invest in innovation, collaboration, and growth across web3. Our tokens will sit at the focal point of our MUTANTVerse. You can earn through STAKING, GENERATING REWARDS, or actively playing and creating content. A Combination of DAO and NFT tokens will serve for voting governance.

Mutant Crew LORE INTEGRATION - Winners selected from community are integrated into the Mutant Crew Universe. (OPT-IN Process)

Meta Mentorship - web3 best practices, project use case consult, social token consult, web3 alpha, and other educational services, content, and utilities.

Comic Publisher for NFT IP’s -
Independent Comic Publisher of Web 3 - Our core series will be anime/manga grunge urban FEEL with an american STYLE format. We will also create different spin off series based on studio selection from within the community. 

Tools Access -
Use our tools in your own projects (submit subject matter for creation), or KKCREW projects, including spin-offs!

Community Based Media Company -
Have influence and say over the Universe, Brand, Lore and future of the Mutant KKCREW!

Rare Collectibles - Comics, Collectibles, and Rare Art.

Gated Community Access - Exclusive gated community for holders. Current members hold a variety of bluechip (BAYC, CRYPTOPUNKS, VEEFRIENDS) as well as some of your favorite up and coming projects. This allows the community to have connections to a vast amount of projects through direct ownership, investment in other projects, and shows our commitment to the space.

Custom Merchandise - Created in partnership with the legendary artist John Born.

ROADMAP 2.0 - ACTIVATED at 100% mint

royalty amount and uses?

The secondary royalty is set to 7% on all mutant kkcrew NFT's. Funds from royalties will be used in order to continue scaling the team in order to deliver diverse projects and long term value to the mutant kkcrew community. 50% (Three Percent) Of Royalties are sent to DAO for projects and aquisitions .

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Join us in creating the future of comics, culture, and media ownership. be a character in a growing comic and gaming Universe based ON and experienced in the MetaVerse! custom merch from celebrity artist john born!

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